New Year Inspiration for a fabulous 2017

I personally gave up on New Years Resolutions a couple of years ago.

Firstly because I never followed through with them and secondly because they always boiled down to the same thing every year…lose weight, start exercising, give up chocolate, etc…

Been there, done that. It’s time for something new.

This time, I want to make a difference, a difference in someone else’s life. It doesn’t need to be big. Something small like making an extra sandwich every day and giving it to someone less fortunate.

Keeping a bag of oranges in your car and handing them out to car guards; people handing out flyers; the poor and even those pesky window washers (yes…I know!)

Spending some quality  1 on 1 time with each member of your family. How often do we live past each other as we go about our crazy days? Let’s learn to live in the moment and cherish each and every day with our loved ones.

A smile goes a long way.

Have you ever tried smiling at each person you encounter on a daily basis, be it walking past them in a shop or an actual interaction?

You are giving back a simple act of kindness that may alter someone else’s day completely and it doesn’t cost a cent. Did I mention how good it feels?

2017 is going to bring its own set of challenges to all of us.

How we face them will ultimately determine how we come out the other side. By giving back, we never know how we are impacting others in what may be their difficult times. Always be mindful of how others are feeling or what they may be going through. Remember, all acts of kindness come full circle.

May you be blessed with love, kindness and smiles in 2017!