108 Sun Salutations – Winter Solstice


Date: Sunday 26th June 2022
Time: 9:30am for 10am
Venue: Thornhill Estate, Modderfontein (soccer field)
Tickets: R444 per person

*includes your headset, a cup of sacred chocolate and entrance into Thornhill Estate

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We are doing it again!
Our Winter Solstice annual event is back, this time we are celebrating it with CACAO!

For those of you not familiar with the story behind cacao, allow me to share…

Cacao comes from the Mayan tradition. Thousands of years ago, the elders of the tribe would sit in ceremony and bring forth everything they were working with in their lives.

They would then call on the medicine of cacao as well as the 4 directions and they would ask for guidance on everything they needed clarity, inspiration and guidance on.

Cacao is a powerful heart opening plant, she comes from the cacao bean and in her rawest form, she gets straight into our hearts and guides us on how to move forward with love and abundance.

As we celebrate the Winter Solstice together, we will call on the heart medicine of mama cacao to journey with us as we move from Darkness to Light, from Winter to Spring, from Hibernation to Rebirth. We will set our intentions and prayers and use our sacred breath to code our medicine with our prayers and then fill our beings with our sacred hot chocolate!

Come out and join us for a combination of sacred chocolate, yoga and music! After our ceremony, we will move through 108 sun salutations to some awesome, uplifting and inspiring tunes playing through your personal headphones by DJ TK. Your teachers, Sophia and Natalie will guide you through your practice as you hear our voices over the music in your headphones.

This practice creates a tremendous amount of upward energy in the body. Together with the medicine of Cacao, we begin to release stagnant energy and emotions allowing them to move through us. Acknowledge whatever comes up for you during your practice and release the things that no longer serve you. Open your heart to all the opportunities that are ahead of you because THEY ARE THERE!

Only YOU have the power to shift your perspective.

This popular event will be held at the soccer field in Thornhill Estate, Modderfontein.

The morning will start off with registration and headset allocation followed by a powerful cacao ceremony leading into 108 guided sun salutations.
After our event,  feel free to browse through the small market with beautiful, creative goodies for sale and enjoy a lunch at Lexis eatery just down the road.

Sun salutations and cacao is accessible to all levels so bring your family and friends along and enjoy a mindful morning of sacred chocolate, yoga, some conscious shopping and a whole lot of fresh air!

Booking is essential as space is limited.

To reserve your spot, click on the link below to purchase your ticket.